International Foundation Year Graduation Ceremony (2022)

Graduation is significant for students since it represents transformation and the start of the next phase. It presents an opportunity to recognize the passing of time, commemorate earlier successes, and rejoice in all the development and progress.

The Graduation ceremony of International Foundation year students was held at ICE Pakistan, on September 2022 in which the graduating batch of students received their certificates after IFY completion.

We are delighted to report that the event was attended by industry notables such as Chief Guest Mr. Zohaib Tariq (CEO, Learning Resource Network UK), Dr. Paul Dudley (Academic Dean iQualify UK), Ms.Marta Marta Dziedzicka (Career Counsellor), and Ms.Sumbal Manzoor (Head of the center, ICE Pakistan) were in attendance. After addressing the students and congratulating them on their success, Mr. Zohaib handed out certificates while accompanied by the Head of the Centre at ICE, Sumbal Manzoor.

The purpose of this ceremony was to honor the achievement of the students. It was aimed to congratulate students on their performances and the necessary knowledge and skills they have which allow them to pursue a better lifestyle, and hopefully, lead them to suitable degree selection in the future. ICE Pakistan also hopes to continue positively impacting the lives of the students.