Core Excel Skills

Become an Expert of Advance Excel 2019 Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst

Course Duration

1.5 months

Class Timing

1.5 hour / day

Class Schedule

5 days / week




Rs. 15,000

About Advanced Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019 is designed for persons who already possess basic to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2019.  Participants are introduced to the advanced features in Microsoft Excel 2019 where they will learn to calculate data using advanced formulas and functions, analyze data and use other advanced tools.

After successful completion, the students will be able to find patterns in data and classify them into useful groups, making it easier to interpret and view the data. Excel aids everything from classrooms to big corporations. Additionally, it handles human resources tasks that assist firms in understanding the composition and activities of their staff, such as categorising hours worked and arranging employee profiles and expenses. And that’s not all! Excel is used for making analysis reports, bookkeeping, attendance reports, and much more.

This course is divided into two levels to effectively cater to people’s requirements:

Level 1: Beginners

Level 2: Professionals

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Learning Outcomes

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Advanced Excel

Lets you be detail-oriented

Lets you protect your work better

Saves time

Helps you avoid mistakes

Adds efficiency in your life

Course Plan

  • Introduction of Microsoft Excel 2019  
  • Excel Spreadsheet Structure introduction 
  • Introduction of Excel Formulas 
  • Sum, subtract, Divide, multiple, IF, Nested-if, count, Count if, CountA, Countifs 
  • Differentiate b/w Average & Percentage  
  • File Tab, Home Tab Tools 
  • Table Designing & Shorting 
  • Marksheet, Salary Sheet, Retirement Sheet  
  • Excel securities & Shortcut Keys 
  • Expenditure Sheet, Attendance Sheet  
  • Dialogue Box and Task Panes 
  • Tasks & Test Project

  • Insert Tab Tools 
  • Conditional Formatting (Data High-lighter) with 40 Rules  
  • Excel Sheet (Budget Sheet, Library Sheet, Profit/Loss Sheet) 
  • Column / Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Tree map, Histography) 
  • Forecasting Analyzing 
  • Navigating in Excel 
  • Constituents of Excel Formula 
  • Operators in Formula 
  • Absolute cell Reference  
  • Tasks & Test Project

  • Insert Tab Tools 
  • Pivot Tables Techniques 
  • Hyperlinks the Data  
  • Balance Sheet  
  • Formulas (Sum, Sumif, Sumifs, Average, Average if, Averageifs, Subtotal) 
  • Invoice Handling 
  • Header / Footer Setting 
  • Task & Test

  • Creating Multi-Category Charts 
  • Creating a Gauge Chart 
  • Creating a Thermometer Chart 
  • Creating a Milestone Chart 
  • Creating a Water Fall Chart 
  • Creating Gantt Chart 
  • Creating Chart with Trend Arrows in Data Labels 
  • Creating a Chart with Actual and Target Values 
  • Spotting Data in a Scatter Chart in Excel 
  • Creating Dynamic Target Line in Excel Bar Charts Course Falling / Running Plan

  • Excel Hidden Tricks 
  • Inventory with Stock Making Report 
  • Data Validation Rules 
  • VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Concatenate, Datedif, Networkdays, PMT  
  • How to Adjust Long Sheet in One Page with 5 Techniques 
  • Excel Shorting & Freezing Headings 
  • Insert Water Mark 
  • Day Book Report 
  • Task & Test

  • Function of Absolute Cell Reference with multiple examples. 
  • Formulas (Round, Roundup, Rounddown, Product, SUMPRODUCT, Days360 ) 
  • Functions of New Microsoft” Kutools Tabs” 
  • Kutools Tabs Tools & Groups (Ranges, Cells Group, Editing Group, Formulas, Mailing Group, Protect Group) 
  • Data Tab Tools (Remove Duplicate, Flash fill, Transformation of Data) 
  • What-if analysis 
  • Group or Ungroup  
  • Review & view Tab tools 
  • Macros Function

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