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Course Aims and Objectives

The Postgraduate Certification in Teaching is a comprehensive program designed to equip aspiring educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field of teaching. The course will help young teaching professionals to:
  • To sustain and develop the practical working needs of staff within an inclusive and varied student-focused learning and teaching environment.
  • To enable candidates to develop their classroom practice, including e-learning, within a framework of current andragogical theory.
  • To provide an opportunity to develop skills in curriculum design and revision, teaching and assessment methodologies and educational research.
  • To allow candidates, who hold enough teaching/lecturing experience, to demonstrate their ability across a range of advanced pedagogical learning approaches.

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About the Course


The purpose is to enable learners to demonstrate an understanding within inclusive and varied teaching and learning environments. Learners will apply their knowledge and understanding in effectively evaluating and reflecting on future practice.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand the historical, philosophical and cultural context of education

  • Examine the history and purpose of education.
  • Analyse the aim and values of education.
  • Evaluate the culture, social and economic values of education.
  • Analyse the concept of educational philosophy in relation to curriculum development.

2) Understand key concepts, values and beliefs related to education and educational practice

  • Assess the benefits of applying sound education theory in professional practice.
  • Analyse critical educational concepts and values across educational settings.
  • Distinguish between education and educational practice.

3) Understand key theories of education and learning and how these are realised in practical pedagogy

  • Evaluate higher education theory and the impact on learning and development.
  • Justify the inclusion of education theory in educational settings.
  • Analyse reasons for implementing change and effective teaching pedagogy.
  • Assess andragogical theory and its impact on learning and development.


The purpose is to enable learners to demonstrate an understanding of learning theories and practical teaching pedagogy. Learners will develop a range of resources, based on learner needs, to support teaching and development across educational settings.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand how educational theory aligns with teaching delivery

  • Assess the linkages between educational theory and teaching delivery.
  • Analyse the benefits of inclusive learning in relation to effective curriculum design.
  • Recommend ways in which educational theory can be embedded in classroom pedagogy.
  • Evaluate how learner needs influence curriculum design, teaching and delivery styles.

2) Understand the relationship between teaching, learning and assessment

  • Analyse the benefits of effective planning in teaching and learning.
  • Evaluate the interdependencies between teaching, learning, achievement and attainment.
  • Assess a range of factors that influence learner achievement.

3) Be able to demonstrate a practical application of effective teaching delivery.

  • Evaluate own teaching style and delivery approach in order to formulate an effective teaching plan.
  • Analyse own practice in order to enhance teaching and learning delivery.
  • Adapt your own teaching approach based on a realisation of continuing professional development.


The purpose is to enable learners to demonstrate an understanding of the core issues, strategies and techniques in teaching in higher and professional education. Learners will explore the purpose, meaning and inter-relationships between teaching pedagogy and andragogy, relevant to their educational setting. Finally, learners will know how to vary their teaching styles in order to enable learning, advancement and understanding.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand the purpose of teaching pedagogy and teaching andragogy.

  • Differentiate between teaching pedagogy and teaching andragogy.
  • Analyse the importance of enhancing pedagogy and andragogy into teaching practice.
  • Evaluate the development of a learning system that incorporates appropriate methodologies.

2) Understand current educational theories of teaching and learning

  • Analyse the relationship between educational leadership and improvement in teaching and learning.
  • Evaluate teaching strategies in order to promote leadership development in educational settings.
  • Assess the purpose of adopting a reflexive and effective approach to current teaching practice.

3) Be able to demonstrate a practical application of contemporary teaching in higher and professional education.

  • Evaluate own approach to teaching methodology, learning and assessment.
  • Synthesise a range of educational theory into own contemporary teaching style and approach.
  • Adapt own teaching in order to enhance effective planning, design and instruction.
  • Apply an informed approach in reflecting own style and structure in teaching practice.

What will you learn?

Online Teaching and Learning

Engage with successful digital and online learning and develop your skills in this area through direct hands-on experience.

Teaching and Assessments

Enhance your skills and understanding in teaching, learning and assessment as a teacher.

Hands on Training

Enable yourself to understand and resolve the challenges in teaching and assessment in the modern era of learning and development.

Where will PG Cert lead you?

As an Ofqual registered qualification, it will accelerate your career as an academic teacher. 

Teaching Practice and Expectations

During the certification program, it is necessary for you to have access to a teaching environment that allows for the collection of evidence. This will involve maintaining a teaching log that records your preparation, planning, delivery, and evaluation of teaching exercises.


The expected teaching hours typically range from 40 to 60 hours, although each case will be assessed individually. However, candidates who are unable to meet the minimum threshold of 40 hours of teaching practice are unlikely to be considered suitable for this qualification.

What’s in it for you?

PG CERT in Education prepares you for working as a teacher and/or facilitator in higher or further education.

It aims to benefit teachers with an interest in developing their own practice as well as supporting their colleagues to do the same.

A route to practice in higher or professional education environments with a valid and recognised qualification in the field.

Meet the International Faculty

Dr J Graham

BA (Hons.), Dip M, MA. PhD

Sumbal Manzoor

Chartered Manager (FCMI | MBCS ) MBA Research Supervisor | PGCE

Dr Abdul R Shahid

PhD, AFHEA | Research Supervisor | Academic Member AIS UK | Course Representative MSc (BITS) | PGC (inSTIL) HEA

Steven Newton

BA International Relations, Dip PGDE,
Ma in Education

You Should Know

This qualification makes you a certified teacher. It helps improve your teaching, practice and understanding of learning methodology. It focuses on class room delivery and for creating a more inclusive, adaptive classroom. From philosophy of education, to classroom delivery, assessment and contemporary education, the qualification focuses on many aspects of education and gives the learner a very holistic view.

It leads to a greater chance of employment as a teacher abroad and locally. It also helps in understanding the curriculum, how to develop inclusive lesson plans, as well as understanding the underlying theories of education and the philosophy on which the delivery works, all of which are applicable in different classrooms at every level.

If you want to work or continue working in an academic setting at a particular place to want to focus on your teaching in addition to your research work then PGCert can help you improve not only your teaching and classroom delivery but also pave way for future career prospects.

PGCert is a holistic qualification that can lead to specialized pathways, if the candidate wishes to pursue a PGDip after this, these specialized pathways can be for: early, primary, secondary and special needs education.

It is cheaper than similar qualifications which are available and advertised in the market, and it is also offered at a marginal rate while ensuring the same quality of education and delivery. The fee can also be paid in three easy installments, you can contact the admission department for more details.

This qualification is awarded by Learning Resource Network which is an award winning Ofqual recognized awarding body. It makes you a certified candidate who, upon completion, becomes eligible for different teaching and academic positions in different countries especially in UAE and UK.

You can become a certified licensed teacher to teach in different institutions and countries where this qualification is a mandatory requirement.

With additional 120 credits, you can obtain masters (MA Education) from a recognized International Universities

What 'Amber' says about PGCE (Education) ?

Amber Fatima, a proud graduate of our online PGCE program, shares her remarkable journey with ICE. With our exceptional services, she successfully completed her studies and attained her PGCE qualification. Now equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, Amber joyfully teaches in China. Her experience with ICE has been transformative, empowering her to excel in her teaching career. Join us at ICE and unlock your potential for a bright future in education.


The assessment for this qualification consists of externally set and externally marked assignments, which are set and marked by LRN, and an externally set portfolio on which requirements are set by LRN, reviewed by centre staff, and which is externally moderated by LRN. LRN will provide advice and guidance as to how centres may wish to approach the internal review process.

The LRN Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Education will be graded as Pass or Fail.

Whilst LRN will be open to the type of educational institution in which candidates operate, it will be mindful of the scope of the teaching role, access to teaching/learning opportunities and ability to meet the cognitive demand of learning outcomes and assessment criteria.


Candidates must be:

1) Operating within a suitable teaching setting

2) Must be qualified to graduate level, ideally education-related discipline, although LRN will consider education experience in its stead as well.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is typically designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching or are already working in the education sector and want to enhance their teaching skills and qualifications. Here are some of the common groups of individuals who should consider undertaking a PGCE:

  1. Aspiring Teachers: Individuals who have a passion for education and wish to become qualified teachers can benefit greatly from a PGCE. It provides the necessary training, knowledge, and practical experience to start a successful career in teaching.
  2. Career Switchers: Professionals from other fields who are looking to transition into teaching can use the PGCE as a pathway to enter the education sector. The program offers the essential pedagogical training and teaching practice required to make a successful transition.
  3. Teaching Assistants and Support Staff: Teaching assistants and support staff who want to enhance their skills and qualifications can pursue a PGCE to progress their careers. It allows them to develop a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies and acquire the necessary qualifications to become fully qualified teachers.
  4. International Teachers: Teachers who have completed their education and obtained teaching qualifications in another country may opt to undertake a PGCE to gain recognition and meet the requirements for teaching in a different educational system.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education programme comprises of 60 (RQF) credit hours.

Online / Blended Learning

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