At the International Centre of Excellence (ICE), we create educational opportunities that can open doors for students and support a successful career. High quality education can have a transformative impact on individual lives; therefore, ICE is working in partnership with globally important institutions to help to make internationally recognised educational opportunities more accessible and affordable to students in Pakistan. We see this as part of building the future, where our graduates can help Pakistan have a greater role as part of the global economy. With university centres in two of Pakistan’s major cities, Islamabad and Karachi, and with another campus planned, our goal is to support the ambitions of our students so they can work in rewarding positions in Pakistan and around the world.


To develop an ecosystem of skill-based qualifications and training to shape the next generation of business management professionals, innovators, creators and entrepreneurs. 

ICE is committed to providing a faculty-mentored environment that fosters academic excellence, social responsibility and personal development for individual learners.


Empower people with the education and skillset to build an enlightened and productive community.


  • Integrity 
  • Community 
  • Empathy

International Credibility

We are proud to work in partnership with overseas institutions to provide international standard qualifications. Our college campuses are university centres that work with awarding bodies like Pearson, LRN and NCUK. Our qualifications can also provide access to international study options through study pathways to prestigious UK universities.


It is our mission to create the opportunity for flexible study pathways. This means we can help students to adapt their studies so they can meet any changing circumstances they may face. We also embed employability skills into our modes of study in order that students gain skills as well as the qualifications needed to forge a successful career and become a confident global citizen. We focus on graduate level career skills as an integral part of the study journey for all our students. As well as supporting career pathways, this includes building the skills that would allow students to start and run a business.


Our courses are structured to provide affordable study opportunities to a wide range of students, including those who might otherwise have struggled financially to gain the benefit of higher education. We maintain high standards of course quality to meet the exacting standards of our educational partners and we do this using flexible approaches that allow students to earn and learn.



A key theme in our courses is to help students develop both the self-confidence and skills sets that will enable them to be valuable in the workplace as soon as they enter the job market. We encourage students to develop employability skills from the moment they join ICE. Alongside their course study, students have access to the business incubation units based at our campuses, and this includes access to skills-based courses offered within these units. It means that ICE students have an opportunity to work with aspects of business practice while they are studying, and many of ICE students are able to develop businesses in these incubators while still students, and this helps some of them to support their study.

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