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Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship course will allow the participants to grasp digital business through an entrepreneurial approach. This can be start of a new business as well as new and imaginative initiatives within established organizations.

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Start date

November 2021



8 Weeks


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This course will explore the different digital marketing technologies and methodologies, including SEO, Social Media, SEM, ASO, Email Marketing, e-commerce and content marketing that form the basis of current digital entrepreneurship. Participants will get comprehensive knowledge of starting and dealing with issues faced in digital marketing, strategy planning and entrepreneurship

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Course Location

Online/On Campus  

Course Level

Entry Level  


There is no assessment for this course.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to all individuals and professionals and does not have any basis requirement.

Course Elements

Through this module consists of:


  • The fundamentals of digital entrepreneurship 
  • Understanding  the Minimum Viable Product – iterative business as a service and on demand e commerce models (4)
  • Using different platforms as mediums to market a product or communicate with the customer (Facebook, Instagram and more) 
  • Key skills and knowledge required to work as a digital free lancer and within a digital start-up enterprise

This module consists of:


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Types of marketing
  • Traditional and digital marketing
  • B2B and B2C marketing
  • How to get business through digital marketing
  • Benefits of digital marketing

This module consists of:


  • Choosing the right domain name for your website
  • Choosing a hosting platform for website
  • WordPress Installation
  • Choosing the right WordPress theme
  • Plugins you need for your WordPress blog/Website
  • Blog creation and ideas

This module consists of:


  • What is Content Marketing
  • Objective of content Marketing
  • How to write SEO friendly Content
  • How to become content writer
  • Tools for content writing

This module consists of: 


  • What is PPC?
  • Benefits of Google Adwords
  • Google Adwords for marketing 
  • What is Search engine marketing?

This module consists of:


  • What are the two categories of Social Media Optimization?
  • Advantages of SMO
  • How to measure social media success?
  • SMO for your business/ start-up

This module consists of:


  • Data analysis as per business
  • Keywords to find unique data
  • Choosing best tools for email marketing
  • Write Catchy subject lines to get Email Opened
  • Email Marketing Analytics

This module consists of: 


  • Overview of Google Adwords
  • Creation of campaign and groups
  • Types of Digital campaigns
  • Different digital platforms for campaigns

This module consists of:


  • Identifying the ideal customers 
  • Who are your primary competitors 
  • What is the main focus of your campaign?
  • Set goals for the campaign
  • Types of campaign

This module consists of:


  • What is affiliate Marketing?
  • Making Money from affiliate marketing revolution
  • Overview of affiliate Marketing networks
  • Websites with best affiliate Programs
  • Creating and Executing an Ecommerce Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing Channels, Tactics & Tools to Consider

This module consists of:


What is App Store Optimization?

How does the app store algorithm work?

How does the app rank for keywords?

This module consists of:

  • What is online Reputation?
  • Why online Reputation is Important?
  • How to manage your online reputation?
  • How to respond to first page Negative Review?
  • How to take control of your online reputation?

This module consists of:

  • Adsense Program overview & Features
  • How to get approved for adsense?
  • Few tricks to get approval by Google
  • How to put ads on your blog?

This module consists of:

  • Setting yearly, quarterly and monthly goals
  • Planning an effective digital marketing strategy 
  • Identifying your customers

This module consists of: 


  • Definition of an online sales lead
  • Landing pages and lead conversion
  • Converting leads into sales through Internet marketing
  • Optimising Landing Pages
  • A/B Testing
  • Sales Funnels
  • CRM introduction

This module consists of:


  • What is freelancing?
  • Popular freelancing websites
  • How to take project from freelancing website?
  • How to Choose freelancer(For your project)?
  • How to get money worldwide?

About the Instructors

All leading professionals and academics from accross the globe including Pakistan and the UK.

Ian Fraser

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Ana Oliveira

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S.M. Raza Hussain

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Course Benefits

Recognised by Foreign/Local Accreditation Bodies

Affordable and Flexible

Results in Employability Prospects Worldwide

Governed by trusted Bodies

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Ian Fraser

Ian Fraser has more than 30 years diverse experience in education, aviation and marketing. As the principal and director of iQualify UK, and ICE, Ian aims to realise his ambition to provide quality modern British education to students globally.

Ana Oliveira

Since a young age Ana Oliveira knew she wanted to work with brands and marketing. She is a digital marketing specialist currently consulting clients across different industries in the UK.

Having started her international career at 21, she had the opportunity to work for well-known brands such as adidas, Reebok, viagogo and Visit Britain.

She is a student for life and is constantly looking for new ideas and knowledge in trainings, seminars and online.

Syed M. Raza Hussain

M. Raza Hussain serves as the Manager – Marketing and Communications for ICE. With his experience in digital marketing in the IT, Media and Education sector, Mr. Hussain is responsible for marketing and communications related responsibilities for ICE.