The tradition of International Centre of Excellence’s Student Council’s annual election has once again concluded with an exciting array of societies and diverse talent. Upholding the essence of democratic nomination processes, students across various programs, including HND, ACCA, or IFY, eagerly submitted their forms, nominating peers for different societies.This year, the student body witnessed the inclusion of dynamic societies tailored to meet the multifaceted interests and aspirations of the ICE community.


Among these, the Entrepreneurship Society emerged as a platform nurturing budding entrepreneurs or those seeking to delve into the intricate skills of the business world. The newly minted IT Club, known as the ‘Tech Club,’ under the leadership of President Bilal Ahmed, is orchestrating a series of skill-based workshops catering to the fervent IT enthusiasts.

President Aliyan Khan of the Entrepreneurship Club orchestrated a resounding success with the Global Entrepreneurship Week, showcasing a fervent participation from a majority of students. Meanwhile, Muhammad Saud Khan Niazi, representing Student Voice, continues to serve as a vital conduit bridging the gap between the administration and the student body.

Recognizing the importance of sports, President Muhammad Ahsan, an avid cricketer, not only excels in the twin cities’ cricket scene but also instills a passion for the sport among ICE students. Vice President Muhammad Yousaf, a national-level cyclist, endeavors to introduce the art of cycling to eager students, broadening their horizons in the sporting world.

The Media & Art Club, an integral part of the institute, showcases the vibrant life at ICE through student-led endeavors across social media platforms. President Mustafa Hassan, an adept photographer, captures the essence of the institute, complemented by the artistic vision of Vice President Marina Hussain, a student of Art & Design.

Lastly, ICE emphasizes the importance of instilling civic sense and professionalism among its students, led by Head Sumaiyya Zahid, guiding students towards presenting themselves adeptly in the professional sphere.

These societies and their leaders epitomize the diverse talent and passion that defines the ICE student community. The council’s initiatives stand as a testament to the dedication and dynamism of its members, enriching the holistic educational experience at ICE. As we look forward to the future, these societies continue to inspire, engage, and empower students to reach greater heights of excellence.

Elections 2023 – ICE Karachi Campus

The International Centre of Excellence (ICE) in Karachi held its electrifying student societies election on October 23, 2023, and the results have us buzzing with excitement. The journey was filled with the ambition, dedication, and student power!

A Burst of Societies: The Power of Five

  • Social and Welfare Trust (SWAT): The heroes of social change.
  • Entrepreneurship Society: Fostering innovation and business savvy.
  • Sports Society: Where champions are made.
  • Media and Dramatics Society: The storytellers and performers.
  • Microsoft ICT Society: Mastering the digital world.

It was an intense competition! A total of 43 brilliant minds threw their hats into the ring, each with their unique vision to uplift our campus life. The selection process was rigorous, and 22 outstanding candidates emerged victorious, ready to lead their societies to greatness. The participation in the election was a true testament to the unity of our ICE community. Both on-campus and online students made their voices heard, demonstrating the power of our shared goals and dreams. It was a vivid illustration of our commitment to student involvement and representation.