Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Global Entrepreneurship Week was held at the International Centre of Excellence (ICE) campus in Islamabad from the 16th-18th of November 2022. The event was attended by many industry notables such as Ms. Noorulain Zafer (CEO and Founder of Mind Works International), Mr. Kanwal Masroor (CEO and Founder of CxO Global Forum), Ms. Ayesha Raza (Co-Founder and CEO of Abey KHAO), Ms. Mina Salman (Co-founder of Bagallery) and Mr. Jawad Sharif (Documentary Filmmaker) amongst others.

On Day 1, Ms. Noorulain Zafer conducted a session on Idea Generation, Business Models, Creativity in Business, BMC (Business Model Canvas), and how to establish and run a startup. She pointed out that creativity is an important trait of a successful entrepreneur. She talked about how young people enthusiastic about entrepreneurship can discover ideas for their businesses by identifying what the consumer wants and addressing their pain points. In entrepreneurship, ideas lead to solving problems and product development is one of the main factors that can lead to the success of a startup. She placed special emphasis on how to make a compelling presentation, especially for social media, meetings, webinars, and online courses.

On Day 2, three influential entrepreneurs were present and shared their experiences of the Pakistani startup ecosystem with the audience. Mr. Kanwal Masroor (CEO and Founder of CxO Global Forum) trained how to develop businesses that implement concepts, stimulate economic growth, and expand human welfare. He further discussed that the CxO Global Forum Network was created to help new business owners to help them navigate their way in the Pakistani startup ecosystem by creating networking opportunities, meetups, webinars, industry recognition, visibility, and business prospects. They can receive assistance from CxO Global Forum with industry outreach, connections with stakeholders, and possibilities for both community access and brand promotion. He also pointed out that successful businesses identify a compelling value proposition that they can offer to the market.

Ms. Ayesha Raza (Co-Founder and CEO of Abey KHAO) also inspired the audience with her entrepreneurial journey and the ways in which her business is fostering the social inclusion of those with hearing impairments by giving them employment possibilities. She further added that talent has no limitations.

Mr.Jawad Sharif (Documentary Filmmaker) also showed students the suppressed culture and indigenous identities of Pakistan through his accessible documentary films. He motivated individuals through regional, international, and local events aimed at assisting them in moving forward in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Day 3 was a virtual session about exploring the entrepreneurial journey with Ms. Mina Salman, the co-founder of Bagallery, who is known to impart knowledge to thousands of business owners, both locally and internationally via online courses, seminars, and retreats. She has been committed to assisting business owners and young people interested in entrepreneurship in discovering the routines, habits, and mentality to have greater daily personal and professional freedom so they can genuinely live the lives they desire while setting up and growing the startup business they love.

The International Centre of Excellence, ICE Pakistan has developed an ecosystem that enables academicians and professionals from the UK’s higher education institutions to carry out capacity-building projects in Pakistan along with developing our future generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.