Alight Graduation Ceremony of Afghan Nationals

The Afghan refugee crisis in Pakistan is one that is heart-wrenching, unfortunate, and ongoing. Although most Afghan nationals have been integrated into Pakistani society, many are considered to be extremely poor, and in need of serious help. Unable to find a stable footing away from their homes, Afghan nationals have been placed at a natural disadvantage due to the tragedy of their situation. 

At the International Centre of Excellence, ICE Pakistan, established by iQualify UK, a British education provider, we aim to provide the best possible professional training and transnational education to develop the human capital in Pakistan. At ICE, we aim to work for the betterment of future generations, to help them gain stability and success in their future endeavours. We believe that education is the best way to empower people and help them, and the best possible way to achieve this is by working directly with multiple forces to help improve the educational sector within Pakistan. 

In collaboration with Alight Pakistan, ICE held two month long Professional Developmental Training sessions in three domains; Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Business Analysis, and Strategic Leadership, in an attempt to help ease the struggles Afghan nationals face on the difficult path laid forth in Pakistan for them. Alight Pakistan is a trusted provider of humanitarian services, a frontrunner in tackling the challenges faced by Pakistan today. They expanded their operations to serve Afghan Refugees in August, 2021. Alongside accommodation, Alight teamed up with ICE, alongside a number of other training institutes within Islamabad to prepare internationally-certified courses for Afghan Natives, which were to take place in a dedicated training space— this space being the International Centre for Excellence, for one.

We are quite proud to announce that on the 12th of October 2022, the event ceremony of the Alight graduation was held at ICE, in which 40 Afghan nationals received their certificates of course completion. The event was attended by Chief Guests Paul Godbout, the Acting High Commissioner of the Canadian Embassy, and Humaira Ibrahim, Coordinator CFLI (Canada Fund for Local Initiatives). After addressing the students and congratulating them on their success, Godbout handed out certificates while accompanied by the Head of Centre at ICE, Sumbal Manzoor. The purpose of these training sessions was to equip Afghan nationals with the necessary knowledge and skills that could allow them to pursue a better lifestyle, and hopefully, lead them to success in their future. We cannot wait to see these re-settled Afghans  go further in their careers, bring a positive impact to society at large and be able to compete globally as a skilled workforce. ICE Pakistan also hopes to continue positively impacting lives through such initiatives.