Teacher Training Session at ICE Islamabad Campus

The International Centre of Excellence (ICE) hosted an inspiring Teachers’ Training session on 13th July 2023, inviting educators from various schools across the region. The training was designed to give instructors practical methods for implementing collaborative and peer-to-peer learning in the classroom. The event featured two prominent trainers, Ms Sumbal Manzoor, the Head of the Centre – ICE, and Mr Nauman Jan, the Regional Head of Quality Assurance at the City School.

The main topics for the training were “Effective Strategies for Incorporating Peer-to-Peer and Collaborative Learning in a Classroom” and “Agentic Learning”. 

The session began with Ms Sumbal Manzoor, a highly regarded educator, outlining the key distinctions between peer-to-peer learning and traditional learning methods. She emphasised the necessity of embracing collaborative learning as a potent instrument for student growth and moving past traditional approaches.

She encouraged participants to fully explore the advantages of collaborative learning throughout her engaging presentation and also talked about how this strategy improves students’ communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Later, she gave examples of several efficient ways to set up tasks for the students and how using technology encourages collaborative learning.

Furthermore, the participants were encouraged to adopt a student-centred approach, where students actively participate in their learning process. A range of effective strategies, such as Socratic seminars, listening triangles, group discussions, project-based learning, and cooperative tasks were introduced, to facilitate peer-to-peer interactions. The knowledge she shared captivated the educators and conveyed their keenness to apply these tactics within their teaching spaces.

Whereas, Mr Nauman Jan, an esteemed expert in the field of training and teaching, unleashed the power of Agentic Learning by discussing the concept and its impact on student growth. He presented the instructors with the idea of “PPPB” (Position, Pause, Pounce, Bounce). It underscores the importance of students taking charge and possession of their educational journey.

By engaging in stimulating conversations and interactive exercises, he inspired educators to establish methods that motivate learners to be proactive participants in their own educational journey, so they are actively involved and inspired to assume responsibility for their educational experience. He stressed the importance of giving openings for independence, discipline, and introspection within the educational setting.

The Teachers’ Training session at ICE, was a turning point in educators’ career growth. Respected instructors Miss Sumbal Manzoor and Mr Nauman Jan led engaging sessions that left a lasting impression on the participants. The educators acknowledged their satisfaction and gratitude for the priceless knowledge and useful strategies offered throughout the course. All the participants expressed a desire to attend more educational sessions in the future. The key message was the need for continuous professional growth and the opportunity to connect with and learn from other educators. The event served as a catalyst for educational innovation. This made it possible for teachers to create collaborative, active learning environments that encourage student autonomy, teamwork, and lifelong learning.