PG Certification in Education Orientation Session

PG Cert in Education is an internationally recognized qualification that explores teaching pedagogies and innovations in higher education teaching.


We are pleased to report that the PG CERT (Postgraduate Certificate) orientation session was held at ICE Pakistan, in which there were more than 20 in person participants and we had attendees joining virtually as well. It was an open-house discussion in which we had a panel that included Dr. Abdul Rehman Shahid (PGCERT Instructor, iQualify UK) came in from Scotland, Ms.Marta Dziedzicka  (Career Counsellor), Dr.Paul Dudley (Academic Dean, iQualify  UK), and Ms. Sumbal Manzoor (Head of the center, ICE Pakistan ). The purpose of this session was to educate the teaching community about the advantages of the qualification, which open doors to teaching opportunities abroad and prepares you to study for your Masters in Education program.

PG CERT in Education is a level 7 certification awarded by a Learning Resource Network, UK with a course duration of 6 months. Through flexible teaching, payment plans, and online assignment-based evaluation, this course aimed to give you a broad perspective of higher education.

Sumbul Manzoor ( Head of the center at ICE), gave the concluding remarks. She discussed her views on PGCert, which she believes is crucial for all teachers to further their academic careers and become better educators who are the world’s changemakers.

The PGCert is an international qualification and individuals with minimum graduation degree are eligible to apply for the programme (Postgraduate certificate in Education).