International Centre of Excellence, a British education provider, established by iQualify UK, is organizing a two-day International Conference in collaboration with IQRA University Karachi and International Islamic University Islamabad. The theme of the conference is ‘Revolutionising Higher Education: Reconciling Required and Acquired Learning’. The conference will explore the new opportunities and challenges around the globe, specifically for developing countries.


The conference will provide a platform to international and national academics and practitioners to share their scholarly work in the said area. All the submitted research papers will be evaluated through blind-peer review based on the relevancy, originality, depth, accuracy, and technicality of the theme of the conference. 

About the Conference

Real education offers youth experiences that encourage them to think critically, morally, and intellectually about issues and situations, encouraging innovation that leads to quality and productive lives. According to a current situation analysis, approximately 31% of young people in Pakistan are currently unemployed, and many of them hold professional degrees. A lack of opportunities and a shaky employment market can both contribute to this problem. However, lack of knowledge and expertise to fulfil employment requirements, as well as the relevance of education in terms of preparing for a job, are some of the major challenges identified, which also reflect on the type of education we are providing to our youth and whether it leads to an economically sustainable quality of life.

According to the existing literature, the two biggest impediments to producing new technologies and surviving in the 21st century and beyond are innovation and knowledge. The Internet’s quick adoption and rapid advancement have transformed many elements of our lives, from our patterns of contact to our work options, work criteria and standards, and living styles. The expansion of technology invites innovation in pedagogical and academic standards, to the point where higher education must be watchful in order to offer students skills that fulfil market expectations. As a result, the goal of higher education is to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes they need to live productive lives, make informed decisions, and contribute both locally and globally.

This conference invites debate on reimagining a traditional degree path and integrating skill-based education in higher education, which could address the issue of how to change lives by addressing long-standing educational issues such as inequality, learning poverty, economic insecurity, and the exclusion of youth from the job market who are not in degree programmes.

Hence, the objectives of this conferences are:
  • Build global and institutional collaboration (e.g. university and industry) and harmony for transforming higher educational curriculum, practices and outcomes.
  • Extend discussions on the transformative power of education and the future of our youth;
  • Draw on research-based evidence to learn from the integration of skills-based approaches in higher education.

Themes of the Conference

We invite submissions (extended abstracts of a minimum of 500 words and full length papers)
focused on the following sub-themes.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission 14th September, 2023
Acceptance Notification 21st September, 2023
Registration Deadline 28th September, 2023
Full-Length Paper Submission 10th October, 2023
Conference Dates 28-29th November, 2023
Conference Venue International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)

Registration and Payment

Abstracts can be submitted online at manuscripteditorial.com

Registration Fee:

For Presenter: PKR 3,000
For Participant: PKR 1,500
Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/4h7v6f25

The conference registration fee can be paid through the following modes:
Face-to-Face registration by visiting:
International Centre of Excellence (ICE) Islamabad, 63 North Service Road, I-10/3 Islamabad
International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), H10, Islamabad
Pay your registration fee through a bank transfer:
Bank name: Bank Alfalah
Account Title: International Centre for Excellence
Account #: PK57ALFH0146001007487052

Conference Programme

Title: Integration of Digital Skills and Innovation: a path ahead for higher education institutions

SDG 4.4 calls for a significant increase in the share of youth and adults with the skills required for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship. To address concerns about youth unemployment, the government and many other institutions have lately developed digital education and vocational initiatives for youth.

Despite numerous interventions, progress in reducing unemployment remains significant, particularly for young professionals with degrees. Graduates are more likely to be underemployed and underpaid, working part-time or on short contracts in general. Meaningful education is an element of raising young people to have a quality life. However, existing educational systems are failing to meet the learning needs of a large percentage of today's youth. Furthermore, whether there are strong, explicit links between education and the workplace is being debated. Mismatches between student-acquired skills and those in effective demand on the labour market can result from a lack of these links. Hence the purpose of this panel discussion is to generate discussion around the following questions:

  • What strategies are effective in increasing young employment through university education?
  • What obstacles do universities face in responding fast labor-market innovation?
  • What are our short- and long-term strategies for making education innovative and relevant to graduates?

Contact Us

For queries and more information please email us at conference@ice.edu.pk or call us at +92 346 0864076

Conference Chair
Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani

Vice President
International Islamic University Islamabad

Conference Convener
Prof. Dr. Razia Fakir Mohammad

Department of Education & Social Sciences
IQRA University, Karachi.

Conference Secretary
Dr. Ali Raza

Group Director HR
iQualify UK

Conference Secretary
Ms. Shaherbano Ijaz

Academic Lead - Business
ICE Pakistan