International Foundation Year

One year programme for direct admission in international undergraduate programme

International Undergraduate Pathways

2 years in ICE Hazara leading to final year of international BA/BS/BBA abroad

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

Your recognised pathway to a British MBA in just 12-18 months

ICE Hazara Campus

The International Centre of Excellence (ICE) by iQualify UK brings the best of British academic and professional education to the Hazara District of Pakistan. Through the ICE Hazara Campus, we are bringing the best of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional British qualifications with international recognition and progression, while ensuring the international standards of academic delivery are accessible to the people in Hazara district.

The most affordable and internationally recognised pathways for your better future

Messages from Leadership

Ian Fraser

Principal - iQualify UK


I am very pleased to establish the International Centre of Excellence (ICE) Hazara Campus. Through ICE Hazara Campus, we are laying down the foundation for a premier institution for development and dissemination of knowledge, and building expertise according to international quality standards.

Dr. Paul Dudley

Dean - iQualify UK

At the ICE Hazara Campus, we aim to offer the best of professional development and business management courses to the students in Hazara to help them develop their professional and technical skills and achive their academic and professional goals

Sumbal Maznoor - CMgr (CMI)

Head of Centre - ICE

ICE Hazara campus believes in providing the perfect ecosystem for the development and shaping of future leaders, ground breaking entrepreneurs and innovators among the talented people of Hazara that will contribute to bring positive changes to their organisations, society as well as the region.

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