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Developing Mobile Application

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Start date

Spring 2023



10 Weeks


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The course objective is:
1. To understand the key differences between development of systems to run on mobile devices and on typical personal computing or internet-based environments and apply this knowledge in the design of mobile device software.
2. To design and prototype effective applications for a mobile device by taking into consideration the underlying hardware-imposed restrictions such as screen size, memory size and processor capability.
3. To work in a team to execute a complete android app project from ideation to design, prototype, development and testing.

Entry Requirements


Course Level

Beginner to Intermediate


Mention the assessment method if applicable

What will you learn

Introduction to Android OS

  • Android versions
  • Android app market

Getting familiarity with Android Studio

  • Activities in Android
  • Creating new activity
  • Understanding activity code
  • Setting XML layouts
  • Understanding activity lifecycle

Introduction to XML

  • Layout code using XML
  • Views(TextView, ImageView, Buttons)
  • View attributes
  • Getting guidance from Material Design Spec

View Groups

  • Parent views
  • Children views
  • Linear Layout
  • Relative Layout

Dealing with overlapping views

  • Intents
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit Intents

Input Controls

  • Buttons
  • Radio Button
  • Date Picker
  • Click Listeners
  • Handling events through XML

Input Events

  • Event Listeners
  • Callback methods
  • Toast and Tooltips

List View

  • Loading views dynamically
  • Call view items polymorphically

About the Instructors

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Sarah Jones

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John Doe

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John Doe

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Course Benefits

Understand basic problem-solving steps and logic constructs.

Design mobile application UI using XML.

Design and develop mobile applications on Android OS.

Serve as beginner level Android developer

Enroll into advance level mobile application development courses