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Start date

Spring 2023



10 Weeks


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The course objective is:
The course aims to equip students with the basic computing concepts and to provide them the ability to analyze the given requirements for solving problems in different domains while implementing the solutions on a computer system.
It emphasizes on developing an algorithm and applying the basic programming constructs like identifiers/literals, compound expressions, control structures, functions, etc. for its development.
Students will learn syntax of C++ programming language for the implementation purposes.

Entry Requirements


Course Level

Beginner to Intermediate

What will you learn

  • Problem-solving, Basic flowchart and programming languages.
  • Structure of program in C++ (header section, program body)
  • Basic program writing in C++, stream insertion operator, escape sequences

  • Primitive data types
  • Signed and unsigned data types, constants and variables.
  • Arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /, % and their compound counterparts)

  • Stream Extraction Operator
  • Mathematical Expressions
  • Type Casting
  • Working with Character and String Objects
  • Some Mathematical Library Functions

  • Conditional structures-I (if-else), Relational Operators, Simple and Compound Conditions

  • Conditional structures-II (Sequence of ifs, Nested If, if-else if), Logical Operators
  • Conditional structures-III (Switch case and ternary operator)

  • The Increment and Decrement Operators
  • Repetitions-I (while loop, do while loop)
  • Repetitions-II (for loop, variation of for loops)

  • Repetitions-III (nested loops, continue and break statements)

  • Modular Programming
  • Functions-I (no arguments functions, function prototype, function definition, forward declaration, function call)
  • Local and Global Variables
  • Functions- II (parameterized functions, pass by reference/value, default arguments)

About the Instructors

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Sarah Jones

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John Doe

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John Doe

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Course Benefits

Understand basic problem-solving steps and logic constructs.

Apply basic programming concepts.

Design and implement algorithms to solve real-world problems.

Serve as industry level C++ developer

Enroll into advance level programming courses