Online Teaching

Level 1 Course

Distinctive Features

Designed as a capacity building training course for teachers to enable them to teach online, it will provide them with an understanding of the knowledge and best practices required for teaching online; specifically exploring the instructional design aspects of online learning activities. It will also help participants develop insight into developing online assessments and explore strategies for enhancing online engagement and student participation.

Who is it for?

An individual who wants to gear up for the changing world and want to step into the teaching profession themselves.

An organisation who wants to train their workforce to be ready to face the challenges presented by the ever-changing world.

Awarding Body

iQualifyUK - ICE

Course Duration

20 hours

ICE has successfully delivered this course to over 200 participants nationwide in collaboration with NAHE (HEC).

Do you know?

The course provides foundational level knowledge and practice in teaching online.

The course helps explore the instructional design of online learning activities.

The course helps develop insight into developing online assessments.

The course helps explore strategies for enhancing online engagement.

Learning Outcomes

Adapt to the changing world of teaching online

Course Outline:

The course comprises 8 modules.

In this module, you will understand cognitive load theory to enhance the instructional design in online teaching.




  • Kinds of Cognitive loads ​
  • Implications for eLearning Design ​
  • Examples and Multimedia Implications​
  • Instructional Design Strategies for Desired Learning

In this module, you will develop an understanding of educational technology and its use in an online teaching environment, exploring ways to use technology in facilitating instructional design.




  • Types of Educational Technologies​
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous​
  • Features of Effective Online Environment​
  • Blended Learning​
  • The Flipped Classroom Model​
  • Games & Simulations​
  • Adaptive Learning

In this module, you will understand different learning styles. This means that, just like us, all 300 students (or more or less) in your class do not all learn in the same way. Components:

  • Visual Learners ​
  • Aural Learners ​
  • Verbal Learners ​
  • Naturalist Learners​
  • Solitary Learners​
  • Physical and Tactile Learners​
  • Logical Learners​
  • Social Learners

In this module, you will understand how to organize and prioritize teaching material online?




  • Content Structure​
  • Design of Interactions​
  • Design of Multimedia ​
  • Learning to Self-assess

In this module, you will understand Questioning techniques and strategies that can support Deep Learning.




  • Question Types – Lower Level and Higher Level ​
  • Cognitive Dissonance ​
  • Steps for Planning Questions​
  • Handling Student Responses ​
  • Strategies for Responding to Student Questions

In this module, you will understand Develop a connection between students’ learning and assessments in an online learning environment. Get familiar with online assessment strategies and techniques.




  • Designing Online Assessments ​
  • How to Teach and Assess Online Effectively​
  • Online Teacher Competencies to Foster Student Engagement ​
  • Online vs Traditional Assessments ​
  • Ways of Effective Online Teaching​
  • Aligning Learning Outcomes with Online Assessments​
  • Tools for Effective Online Assessment

In this module, you will understand the importance of creating authentic assessment activities in the online environment. It is critical for instructors to make sure the course starts with a set of clearly defined learning outcomes; which are aligned with the assessment activity.




  • Formative Assessment​
  • Summative Assessment​
  • The Aspects Of Student Learning Can We Assess Online

In this module, you will understand strategies to create engaging online content. All learning, except for simple rote memorization, requires the active involvement of each learner.




  • Why Examine Student Engagement?​
  • Metacognitive Learning, Mind Mapping, and Scaffolding​
  • Backwards Lesson Design Strategies​
  • Lesson Planning​
  • Online Tools and Resources

Feedback of the attendees

“The course was very comprehensive. Not just a training in name but in actual essence too and (it) has valid application in the current scenario.”

Sanam Wasif

Senior Lecturer, Bahria University Islamabad (BUIC)

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