Higher Education Commission (HEC Pakistan) recognises International Centre of Excellence (ICE)

International Centre of Excellence – ICE Pakistan’s gets recognition from HEC, and esteemed scholar Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar inaugurates their Islamabad campus

  • The soft launch marked the inauguration of the Islamabad campus of ICE Pakistan, an HEC recognised institute
  • Professor Akhtar also delivered a talk on “Responsibilities of an Educator and developing Educational Leaders”

Islamabad, Pakistan – The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has officially recognised the International Centre of Excellence (ICE) and the qualifications it offers, including the Higher National Diploma (HND).

Quite recently, the institute held its launch at the Islamabad campus where the highly esteemed and revered scholar, Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar was invited. He inaugurated the ICE Islamabad campus, unveiling the plaque and cutting the ribbon, surrounded by the team of iQualify UK and ICE which included the Academic Dean, Dr Paul Dudley and Head of Centre, Ms Sumbal Manzoor. After the formal inauguration, he was also given a tour of the campus.

As one of the eminent Muslim scholars of the modern age, and an exceptional teacher his talk was addressed to academicians discussing the ‘responsibilities of an educator and developing educational leaders’. The foundation of his talk was how the Almighty Allah decreed for a human being to find knowledge before anything else to understand the work of God and himself. He added that since the human mind is Allah’s best design, created to seek and absorb knowledge, it is his role to share this knowledge.

Thus, it is even more important for a teacher, who will shape the mentality of the many generations to come, to reflect inwardly and outwardly to develop his knowledge to find the truth and then pass it on. His talk encouraged the attending students and teachers both as he stressed the importance of building a connection between the educator and the learner and for that, the educator must be someone who is kind, truthful and goes beyond the books of the curriculum.

Prof. Ahmad then gave the example of himself as he believes he has always tried to connect with his students to know and then give them what they need. According to him, teaching and education is not just a profession, it’s to know your learner and have a part in his initiation process. He emphasised that an educator is the only one in this world who can deny corruption and create a practical impact as he can create an honest human being, given it comes in his capacity and responsibility.

Furthermore, he added that a teacher must recognise his flaws and remove them because it is only then that he can be an educator. If you don’t have knowledge or an intellectual mind, you cannot realise the priorities in life to become better and makes others better.  Prof. Ahmad further implored the educators to ask themselves the purpose of a human being on Earth and emphasised, as a conclusion of the talk, that knowledge and education must lead you to understand and accept the only reality – Allah.

About ICE Pakistan:

The International Centre of Excellence (ICE) has been established by the iQualify UK, a British education provider, to provide both professional training and transnational education consultancy to develop the human capital in Pakistan.

The centre has developed an ecosystem that enables academicians and professionals from the UK’s higher education institutions to carry out capacity building projects in Pakistan along with developing our future generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Its mission is to focus on developing managers through lifelong learning and development programs to equip them with knowledge and tools for refining the skills needed to flourish in today’s business environment.

Moreover, ICE envisions providing the platform and tools for viable transformation of the human capital in Pakistan along with fostering the leaders of tomorrow.

For more information:

Website: https://ice.edu.pk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalCentreOfExcellence/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ice.pakistan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICEinPakistan